Restore Your Oriental Rug to Its Original Splendor

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Your oriental rug is a work of art, and you should treat it as such. You can trust Enver From Denver Fine Rugs & Restoration, Inc. to handle your rug with respect. You'll love how your rug looks after our oriental rug restoration service in Sheridan, CO.

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Our oriental rug restoration process in Sheridan, Aurora, CO

Our oriental rug restoration process in Sheridan, Aurora, CO

If your oriental rug is looking dull or worn, don't wait until it's beyond repair to have it professionally restored. Enver From Denver Fine Rugs & Restoration completes a thorough six-step restoration process to ensure your rug leaves our shop in pristine condition. Here's what we'll do:

  1. We'll conduct an in-depth inspection of your oriental rug and document our findings.
  2. We'll complete dye testing to ensure we use the proper dye for the materials from which your rug is made.
  3. We'll dust your rug and remove any particles that might be stuck in the fibers.
  4. We'll wash and clean your rug with specialized solutions.
  5. We'll conduct a secondary inspection to verify every aspect of your rug has been restored.
  6. We'll hand dry each fiber of your rug over a 24-to-48-hour period.

Once completed, you'll be amazed by just how effective our oriental rug restoration process in Sheridan, CO truly is. You'll love how your newly restored rug looks.

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